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  • Weekly Live implementation sessions. Once a week, during our live coaching sessions, I’ll show you what we’re implementing and how to do it. Then you’ll roll up your sleeves during the session and get to work.
  • Weekly Live review/feedback session: Once a week, during our live office hours, you’ll have the chance to have me review what you’ve implemented and get feedback.  
  • Access to all of my scripts, templates, and workbooks
  • Community of VERY engaged and supportive Like-Minded Entrepreneurs
  • FREE access to your own marketing platform 
  • Every month, we'll be adding trainings and resources to this library
  • And, so much more...

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        I just added 294 subscribers to my list in JUST 2 days, following Eli's guidance to creating my Lead Magnet. And, we're just getting started.

        Randa Makati


        Your training has helped me adjust my marketing to make my offers attractive, and the number of my clients have increased. 

        Jamal Shahrverdiyev


        This has been an incredible experience.  Eli’s always there by you side, guiding you throughout the entire journey. 

        Aleema Noor