Let's take your business from Unseen to Unforgettable?

This training is designed for entrepreneurs, small business owners, and coaches who are tired of the same old aggressive sales tactics and are looking for a more ALIGNED, ENGAGING, and GENUINE way to promote and grow their business !

This training is designed for entrepreneurs, small business owners, and coaches who are tired of the same old aggressive sales tactics and are looking for a more ALIGNED, ENGAGING, and GENUINE way to promote and grow their business !


  • you want to promote and sell  your offers without sounding like everyone else
  • you hate aggressive or pushy sales and marketing tactics and want to promote your business in a way that feels good to you.
  •  your message is getting lost in the crowd and looking for an authentic way to elevate your unique voice
  • you struggle with engagement and want to create the type of content that sparks meaningful conversations
  • you desire to make your brand the go-to in your niche, using strategies that highlight your unique strengths.
  • you hope to have increased visibility and consistent revenue while staying true to your values and beliefs
  • you want to build a foundation for sustainable success that's aligned with your values and vision.

Here's how I'm making all of this happen for you.
Invisible to Influencer will teach you how to:!

Establish your sales process and profit plan.

Use my process to build a rock-solid foundation for a unique, profitable business that genuinely makes a difference.

Create a strategy (and a path) to move them from the entry point to the end-goal destination.

End up with a personalized blueprint that you can repeat again and again, for every marketing effort and every product or service you roll out. 

Build your core foundation and step into the right buyer’s shoes.

Learn how to identify the right buyers and package your solution to solve their most pressing, critical needs — the step that has the biggest impact on the amount of money you make.

Find the hot-selling topic that makes you stand out from the crowd, attracts your ideal clients and keeps you from becoming just another juice box next to all the other juice boxes on the shelf.

Qualify and validate both your audience and your offer to make sure they actually have interest in buying what you’re selling

Develop your irresistible signature offer(s).

Create an in-demand offer so bursting with value that your competition all but disappears.

Get my secret, service-based method that will help you fall in love with that offer — and take every last bit of fear OUT of selling it.

Craft training that delivers transformation instead of information — real, meaningful, impactful change for your clients that sells them on you (and keeps them sold). 

Build a tribe of raving fans and followers!

Discover your true voice, the X-Factor that fully and authentically expresses yourself and your value to your audience!

Learn to use your social media platforms to establish your expertise and credibility — and get the attention of your dream clients.

Authentically promote yourself in a way that sets you apart from the crowd — and magnetizes incredible opportunities for you!

Create content that builds trust — and makes your audience hungry to work with you.

Develop a strategic content marketing plan to attract and engage with your audience, based on your unique strengths.

Create the right touch points with your audience using your content, to prime them to buy and increase sales.

Learn exactly what content to create and publish that builds your authority and demonstrates how your solution is the answer to your client's prayers.

Bust through every roadblock you have turning your ideal buyers to subscribers.

Write compelling email campaigns that nurture and build trust with your leads, warming them up to buy from you.

Captivate your audience with irresistible lead magnets that build an email list of ideal, targeted, interested buyers.

Set up a passive list building system that converts like crazy — and end the struggle of generating new leads.

Communicate the value of your offers with confidence.

Write a powerful sales page, and structure it to remove doubt and encourage sales.

Communicate your unique differentiator on the right key website pages to convince your ideal buyer know YOU ARE THE BEST CHOICE!

Create a strong online presence by creating  compelling brand that communicate your values and core strengths.

Keep the money flowing.

Generate consistent, passive income by turning your offer/service into an evergreen system (it’s easier than you think).

Get my done-for-you email templates, so you can continue to generate sales on autopilot.

Automate specific marketing systems and structures to get rid of busywork and free up time for what matters most — showing up and serving your clients.

Growing a profitable business shouldn't feel like an endless battle!

Ever thought or said these things to yourself?

  • Where do I even begin creating something people want and will buy? 
  • I spent so much time creating my course/program/ service…I wish I knew how to SELL it!    
  • I know I have to build my email list…but why is so damn hard?  
  • I’m posting on social media all the time…how come nothing is happening? 
  • Why isn’t my lead magnet getting any leads?  
  • Why aren’t the people on my email list BUYING anything??? 
  • My sales page copy sucks... how do I communicate the value of my offer better?  

If so, Invisible to Influencer was made for YOU.

Skip all the trial and error, learn what really works, hit your money goals, and build your freedom business once and for all!

Picture this:  finally getting clear on who you serve and how to attract the right audience who wants what you have — and is willing to pay for it.

Finally being able to articulate why YOU are the best choice for your ideal buyers to reach their desired goals and results.

Finally having a strategy in place to build your revenue and authority status in the marketplace.

Finally selling your offers with EASE because you've NAILED your messaging and marketing!

Imagine having an automated system in place that doesn't require you to hustle day in and day out to make money from your services, courses and programs.

That's exactly what I'm offering you: time-tested, straightforward steps you can take TODAY to build a strong foundation for long-term growth!

 By the time you complete this training, you'll know how to  attract QUALIFIED buyers who are genuinely interested in your courses, programs and services.

You'll learn how to engage with your ideal buyers in a way that resonates with them, capturing their interest in you and your offers. (The best part? It's all automated)

On top of that, I'll share my process of nurturing a relationship built on trust, making your prospects feel comfortable buying from you (and yes, this is all automated too).

Learn how to do these 4 things, and you'll experience consistent revenue growth while spending less time working ON your business. 

Scalable business Model

"Why was I able to buy this course for such a low price?"

I've done the exercises from just the first few videos, and already have a clearer idea of who my audience really is, and to present my product to to them. Who IS this woman?


If you’ve tried every marketing strategy under the sun—but still experiencing slow growth—chances are you’re making these 2 mistakes:  


The marketing advice you’re getting & following is focused on tactical activities — when it should be strategic

  • X   How to generate leads with Ads
  • X   How to use webinars to sell your offers 
  • X   How to use LinkedIn to gain exposure 
  • X   Fill in the rest with all the other "how-to trainings" you've taken in the past…

 All of this tactical stuff — getting subscribers, posting on social media, creating email marketing campaigns — must be done side-by-side with strategy in order for a business to gain any measurable momentum.  

Scalable business Model

Imagine for a moment that growing your business from where you're at now to where you want it to be is like putting together a jigsaw puzzle.

Your strategy is positioning your pieces in a specific arrangement to get to your final masterpiece.  

Tactics are the act of moving each piece into its respective position.    

Without that strategy, you’ll be wasting needless energy and time, randomly trying and moving pieces, never knowing if each was the right move.  

Now that we got that out of the way, let’s move to mistake #2  


Your marketing messages are focused on YOU, not your prospects.

There’s an old saying: “people don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.”

Like most of us, your customers are becoming increasingly desensitized to — and mistrustful of — marketing, especially online. And the rise of generic AI-created marketing has multiplied that mistrust exponentially.

In a climate like this, your prospects are looking to buy from people they trust. And the only way to gain that trust is to willingly step into their shoes and get to the core of their struggles and needs.  

See, despite the jokes and cliches about marketing, the truth is it’s pretty damn hard to sell people something they don’t actually need.

So when you shift your focus to your prospect's needs and wants, you gain clarity to shape your marketing messages (and your products and services) into something they recognize, resonate with and hope for.

NOW they'll see why you are the obvious BEST choice to help them solve those specific problems and reach those specific goals.

 Bottom line? When you create a customer-centric marketing strategy, you build a strong foundation that captures attention and builds trust!

 The best part: you set it up once, and it works on autopilot — bringing you leads and converting them into paying clients every single day.

"Eli's advice and insight from her own experience is invaluable — and shortens the learning curve considerably.

Eli is thorough, very generous and detail-oriented, which I appreciated. I found everything easy to follow and implement. Thank you for an amazing experience, Eli."


This isn't just any roadmap...

it's the exact same playbook my private clients pay me upwards of $20K to implement for them!

Join the Invisible to Influencer today!

This training is for you, if you're ready to transform your approach to marketing and align your business with your purpose and values!

Discover the joy of marketing that truly reflects who you are and what you stand for!

"Thanks to this course, I feel much more confident and clear about my next steps!

I'm a web and brand designer, and I'm really focusing on marketing. I  enjoyed the case studies, so I could see how these techniques can be applied in the real world. I also really appreciated the clear way Eli explains everything in great detail.


Eli is a great teacher! This course was amazing, full of insight and tips that don’t only inspire you to create a better business but to become a better entrepreneur and person in the process. Highly recommended."

– Ely Álvarez

Best course I’ve taken! If you’re looking into how to make money from your business or brand, this is a great place to start. It really makes the process of lead generation clear and explained in the right order. I highly recommend this course!"

– Noemi Chan

"Excellent course, highly recommended.

 I have 10 years of experience doing digital marketing and I have learned a LOT from Eli!


"I'm only through the first section of the course and have already learned so much more than the last 4 years  of trying to piece together a winning strategy using the techniques Eli is walking me through."
Carlos Picuss
"I learnt a great deal and I believe it has helped me to understand the basic principles of digital marketing but more importantly I identified my WHY, to communicate how my product will improve other people's lives."
Petrus Botha
"I am absolutely impressed by the level of clarity, detail, and confidence boost I have received thus far from this course.

It is worth every penny."
Alex Hunter

"I wanted to grow my business and learn strategies that are effective. Thank you Eli for helping and providing that guidance and strategy."


 "Highly recommend this to anyone about to tackle lead generation. Eli has a framework and a model that anyone can follow to make their own business journey more actionable (something I struggled with before stumbling on this training). 


"Practical guidance on lead general and sales conversion without any hype. I'm learning new approaches for generating leads and sales.  Overall, this is an excellent course that provides simple, practical guidance on lead general and sales conversion


Once you implement this process, you'll never be distracted by shiny objects again.

 Instead, you'll consistently, intentionally fill your sales pipeline with qualified buyers, setting the stage to getting them excited and primed to buy from you.

You'll gain instant access to these video trainings.