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A reliable framework to create, launch & monetize 
YOUR next training program — all in 8 weeks!

This is the program you've been looking for if:

You want to leverage online courses to grow and scale your coaching, consulting or service-based business.  

You want to create more impact, freedom, and money selling courses — but you're already stretched-to-the-max and not sure how to fit this big production into your already chaotic schedule.

You've created a course (or two) and the results have been underwhelming — and you're wondering if the topic or content was the problem.

 You’re falling into the same trap almost everyone else does.  

Spending months struggling to figure out what the RIGHT course topic and course content should be.

Wasting many more months weeding through endless articles, free tutorials and paid training, just to figure out how to actually CREATE and LAUNCH your course.  

And then, the worst part: spending months — or even years — scripting, recording, editing, and finally launching your course.

And after all that, you're still not even halfway through. Not to mention you still have to figure out a way to  market, promote and SELL your course!

 There are some serious problems with this online course creation method.  

1. All that market research and validation is not bullet proof. 
You can do all the research you want — but your audience telling you they'll pay for your course DOES NOT equal them actually taking out their credit cards and doing so.

2. There's no reliable way to know if you've delivered transformation until you get real life feedback. Until people have a chance to put what you say into practice and get results.
With an online course, that means thousands of course sales, just to get a handful of testimonials or feedback comments.

We're talking 6-12 months before you know whether the approach you're teaching ACTUALLY gets results.

3. Odds are good you'll likely have to start over, from square one. What happens when you realize nobody’s biting because that course doesn't solve the right problem for them? All that time and effort — a full year of your life — is now completely wasted.

Believe me when I tell you: there's a better (and easier) way.

You should be PRE-SELLING a high-level group program version — before turning it into an evergreen digital course.

 I'll give you 5 reasons why: 

Selling a Group program is a LOT easier than an online course. Since your clients know they’ll have direct access to you. That they'll get better results because you’re right there alongside them, helping them get to their desired outcome faster.
Your students are as invested in your program as you are. In a lot of ways, they'll be helping you create the content and make sure you're covering the right things to reach their desired results.

It saves you time, energy and money because you aren't doing research, creating content, recording and editing in a vacuum. During the pre-sell program you're learning directly from the source — your prospects — what they need and want most from you.

You'll get real-time feedback, as well testimonials. Having direct access and connection to your students means an easier way to ask for testimonials. Even if you only enroll 10 students, and only 5 following through and get results, that's 5 amazing case studies and social proof to leverage for years to come.

This social proof does the heavy lifting for you — it keeps the momentum going to easily sell the evergreen version of your training.

And guess what? You’re getting PAID while you're doing market research and coming up with your curriculum! 

You'll cross the finish line of YOUR TRAINING PROGRAM with a new community of raving fans eager to sing your praises and get the word out for your next launch! 



My fast-track method to launch & monetize YOUR next training program in just 8 weeks.

Spreading out the material over 8 weeks lets you fit everything in without burning yourself out. I know you’re a busy professional; you don’t have an endless supply of hours to devote to a training program (even one that can help you enjoy massive results :-)    

You’re going to be implementing what you learn along the way. This isn’t for information junkies who just like to take courses for the heck of it. You’ll be following clear, specific action steps toward creating a unique, profitable training program — from our very first week together.

By the end of our time together, you’ll have launched your very own signature pilot program, along with the right magnetic content and the know-how to build an engaged audience. Both of which you can rely on to grow your business for years to come!    

Every step is clearly explained. All you have to do is follow my instructions and take the very next step laid out in front of you. Before you know it, you’ll have a complete signature training program that also serves as your lead and revenue generation system!  

"Following Eli's guided way, not only I was able to launch my course, but I also filled up my program when I launched it!"

"I'd been wanting to launch an online course for years, with no luck! Eli's system absolutely changed everything for me. 

She allowed me to think about my training differently, in a way that I have never come across from any other training program. 

She helped me figure out what's truly unique about me and my training, what I bring to the table, and how to communicate that to my audience's needs and desired outcome.

Carol Surya  
Psychologist, Founder of Raising Positive Kids

Here’s the 10,000 foot view of what we'll do together.  

STEP ONE: Gap Analysis

We'll skip those generic, useless "finding your perfect client" exercises. Instead, I'll take  you through a very powerful research process to find unmet needs in your niche/industry that nobody else is currently filling.  Regardless of which industry or niche you’re in, there's a good chance some of your prospect’s specific needs are NOT being met by anybody else.

Finding these unmet needs will gives you the unfair advantage over everyone else in your industry — helping you solve the problems that aren't on anybody else's radar.

STEP two: find your differentiator

I'll show you how to fill that gap with your unique solution. This happens by making sure you bring your entire self into your solution. Not just your expertise and experiences on the given topic.

As business owners, we do a good job of compartmentalizing ourselves, thinking our prospects & clients are ONLY looking to learn from our knowledge and experience. But your solution — and your true value — is more than that; it also comes from your past experiences, personality traits, passion and purpose.  

We'll make sure to bring YOUR entire self into your offer, so your ideal buyer can clearly see what separates you from others. That's how YOUR training program is going to stand out from the other 101,899,999 programs out there.

STEP three: develop your framework

I'll show you how to turn your UNIQUE solution into a framework using my proven formula. This framework is the roadmap you'll leverage to deliver a results-driven scalable program, create your future offers, along with all of your marketing and promotional content.

Getting clear on what your way of getting results is — what makes that process unique to you — is absolutely required for you to give people value and get results on every level and touch point.  

STEP four: attract targeted leads

I'll work with you to create magnetic content, which will serve as your lead generation machine.  Most people know Lead Magnets are a crucial tool to attract targeted leads — but all too often they churn out one lead magnet after another that either: 

1) doesn't entice their target buyers and just sits there collecting dust, or

2) attracts the wrong crowd — so they end up getting leads who have zero interest in buying anything.

The cause in both cases? Creating a Lead Magnet in a vacuum.   I'll show you how to reverse engineer your framework to come up with a lead magnet that attracts the right people — and quickly warms them up to becoming buyers.

STEP five: convert!

Here comes your Lead Conversion and Automation System. This is where a lot of people get derailed. Even if they do get in front of the right prospects and convert them to leads, they don't know what to do with those leads. So repeat after me:

You don't need thousands of people on your email list to generate predictable income.  

You just need to know how to properly nurture your leads — and  how to create a perfect balance between that nurturing and inviting them to enroll into your program.

The last piece is making sure you deliver the right promised solution, to increase the Life Time Value (LTV) of each of your clients. Do this right and you can create a multiple 6- or 7-figure income — with just a small list (my client Fran is living proof; see  his testimonial below).

STEP six: deliver results

This is where you separate yourself from all the other dreamers. From everyone who's wishing and wanting to grow their business with scalable offers.  

Instead of taking some random shot in a dark — wasting months to create and record an online course like 93% of your colleagues and competitors — you'll take a more predictable way by first delivering your training LIVE

However: delivering your solution in a group format isn't as easy as taking what you do in a 1:1 setting and teaching it in a group format.  It's a whole different ballgame and you need to know the rules to make sure your people GET the results you PROMISE. I'll walk you step-by-step through the 5 stages of doing this:

1. Educate

Teach them the what, why and how of your solution: This is what we're after. This is why we're approaching it this way. This is how we're going to accomplish it.


Show them how to implement the thing you just educated them on. How does that apply to their specific situation?

3. ASK

Ask them to put what you showed them into practice. Guide them so they can build the confidence and know-how to keep it going, long after they're done with your program.

4. prove

Now that they've taken the training wheels off (so to speak), it's time for them to share their results. What struggles, roadblocks, and challenges did they face? Here, they can get guidance to adjust and tweak for better results. 

This, by the way, is where the magic happens: you're getting a first-hand view into their unique world. That's how you're able to gauge holes in your process... allowing you to create more relevant, impactful training for your audience in the future.

5. collaborate

You'll learn how to create opportunities for collaboration. They're surrounded by like-minded people, all rowing in the same direction, working towards the same goal. There is huge opportunity here for them to learn from each other, to encourage and motivate one another. And they'll also build long-term relationships that will help them succeed in the long run.

"Eli guided me through each stage of the process!"

"I had read many books and taken many trainings that talked about how to create, promote and sell your Digital products and services, but the difference with Eli is that it’s 1-1, so I got real time feedback on my progress. This really helped me to fine tune everything.

Before this workshop, I used to think that only creating a great online course was enough. All I had to do was put out a freebie and I'd start getting customers. But since taking this workshop with Eli I’ve realized that every element, from the lead magnet to the email sequence, all play a vital role.

Having Eli by my side, and guiding me through every piece and part has made a huge difference."

Caemin O'Connor  
Founder, LteMind 

"From ZERO to 270K!"

"Eli helped me sell-out my course idea as workshop in 2 weeks, with 12k profit — before turning it into an evergreen online course, with $270K in enrollments in 2 years."

Financial Advisor

"I love Eli's heart-based, simple and genuine approach!"

"Eli is not only going to hold your hand throughout the process, but she'll see the role your course plays in a wider strategy to help you get clients and money!"



You'll have me right by your side, helping you build a scalable training program — piece by piece, step by step.

16 LIVE SESSIONS with Eli, guiding you through beginning to the end. From ideation all the way to launch and  monetization.  We'll meet twice a week to make sure you know what the marching orders are — and so you can get guidance and feedback for specific to your situation.

6 additional months of on-going support.  After the training is over, we'll continue to meet once every two weeks so I can  help you through delivering your program and support your marketing platform work. Speaking of which...

FREE LIFETIME ACCESS to your own marketing platform (, to set up your VERY first training program and marketing funnel, so you can hit the ground running once your course is launched and ready for sale.

Private 1:1 coaching call with me ($250 value). A one hour 1:1 coaching call where we'll create a strategic plan of action to build and maintain your thriving online training business. 

Launch a UNIQUE TO YOU training program 

Create a program that's unique to you, based on your expertise, life experiences, passions, skillsets and ideas.

Validate before creating

Create a course your ideal clients want and will buy — BEFORE you create any content! 

Co-create your training content with your students

Determine the necessary modules, content, and training videos you need to create. 

Automate your sales process

Implement your automated lead generation and conversion process and system.

Nurture and Launch with confidence

Create a profitable launch campaign that builds momentum and anticipation, using the right email sequence strategy and sales page copy.

Deliver a result-driven training program

Learn how to increase the completion rate of your students with the right content, covering the topics they care about most. One that gets them to their desired outcome in a strightforward, easy and fast way.

Choose the payment plan that's right for you!

One-Time Payment


12 EASY Payment Plan


Per Month

 "My only regret was that I didn't take this training before I launched my first course

I had a product that I thought was great for my audience. But I realized it was focused on features not solving their pain points which was my promised solution.

To  prospective students: as someone who failed technical aspect of building a product is not the most important thing. It's how to engage your market and Eli will help you with that" 

Charles Assale

 "Eli is thorough, very generous and detailed oriented teacher, which I appreciated. 

Her advice, and insight from  her own experience is invaluable and shortens the learning curve considerably. 

I found everything easy to follow and implement. Thank you for an amazing experience, Eli. 

Your down-to-earth, authentic approach is refreshing and wonderful to see in the online space." 

Nazlee Tarin

"I am a beginner in this field and require clear directions

This course was structured logically from straight to finish and all the things covered made great sense to me ." 

Marcel Riemer

"Eli is an experienced entrepreneur, and a great instructor. You'll get insights that are crucial to your journey. I highly recommend this course to those who want to create and sell digital courses."
Gautam Tayade
"Not for one second have I doubted my choice.  The content is really good. It is giving me the confidence that I might actually be able to do this successfully. Eli, thank you so much."
Don Crowley
"I am absolutely impressed by the level of clarity, detail, and confidence boost I have received thus far from this course. It is worth every penny."
Alex Hunter

If you’re feeling stuck, unsure of your next steps,
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